Top 5 Web Development platforms

Web development has become an essential part of any business now a days. This has become a trend as many people use the online approach for reaching more people and not having to travel or run huge advertisement campaigns. The website may be fully functional providing services like e-commerce, social media connecting people or just displaying the business information and contact details. This all depends on the nature of the business and the knowledge about online market.
Developing a website can be very tricky and a developer is often needed for design, development and optimization of the website. Web development is not only a one time job either, it need constant updates and optimization as more competition grows day by day.
There are many platforms for people who are looking forward to develop a website for their business or personal use with a very little knowledge about coding.
Before you start developing, you must specify exactly what you need in your website. For example, you may require a blog section, photo gallery, online store, reservation system, contact form etc.
Seeing the competition, many website builders are provided as a platform for all the people who want to create their own website. Some of these platforms are described below. is a very easy and widely used website builder platform that allows one to make absolutely stunning and unique website with very little knowledge about coding. is self-hosted and open source with just the domain and hosting being paid. The Setup and the maintenance of the website is the responsibility of the developer giving the them complete authority over the website. WordPress also provides with Free,Paid and Custom plugins which are more than 500,000 in total for the developers to chose from. WordPress also provides with a huge selection of themes and support forums, blogs and documentation. Moreover allows monetization freedom with content copyright and ownership. The SEO has no extra cost as well and you can also upload your own custom themes.
It is needless to say that WordPress is a pioneer in the business of website builder as more than 34% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. This is because WordPress is one of the cheapest website builder and allows to be used is a bunch of different languages making it easier for people around the world to jump on the train of online marketing instead of limiting their use to a certain market by only allowing English which is the case for most website builder platforms.
WordPress giving complete access to the developer can be a bit overwhelming as adapting to the new learning curve can sometimes be challenging. Most of the time, it is easy to learn but the beginning can be a setback and time consuming. It can also be a bit challenging to keep up with the constantly updating plugins and backups.

Wix is a cloud based web builder that allows the user/developer to create HTML5 websites and mobile applications. Wix is very easy to use as it use online drag and drop tools for customization of the websites. Wix is changing the game by letting the user to customize each theme and template to their liking. It also provides with the functionality of adding plugins for social media, online marketing, e-commerce, email-marketing and much more. Wix is also a fully hosted platform which means no hosting charges are included. It contains a variety of free and paid applications that allow you to add new features and functionality to your website. is based on freemium business model which means high quality services free of cost. The SEO tools are also provided to optimize the website that are very easy to use and don’t have to be updated after updating the website layout or domain. Wix also provides free SSL and all wix plan for development.
Wix offers a free plan as well with a limited storage. It does not include a domain name, so if you decide to keep your website, you may want to upgrade to a premium plan.
Wix runs ads on the free plan and in order to get rid of them, you need to upgrade to an unlimited plan for which you need to pay. Moving your website from Wix is very difficult as well Wix provides with free customized templates only exclusive to Wix.

Squarespace is a popular fully hosted website builder and provides very easy to use interface. The users are provided with pre-built website templates and drag and drop features to create web-pages. Squarespace provide e-commerce tools, domain name services and analysis of the website. It also use drag and drop features for the creation of a website instead of coding.
More than two million websites are powered by Squarespace. This is because of the easy to use features and On-screen walkthrough that guide the users in developing their website. SquareSpace also provide with pre-built templates and elements like text and images to be added on the website. The templates are fully editable and more than one template can also be used in the same website. SquareSpace gives a limited 3rd party integration which may become a hurdle in the growth of a website. It also only uses PayPal, ApplePay and Stripe as a transaction method.

Weebly is also a fully hosted website builder. Weebly is best for creating an e-commerce website as it uses powerful photo gallery, Sliders and contact forms. Weebly has over 50 million users around the world. Weebly also use drag and drop features and encrypt the website for mobile view a by it self. are available that allow users to monitor their website’s traffic, update blog posts and respond to comments, and add or up date products if the user has an e-commerce online store. Weebly just like WordPress is a multilingual website offering 15 different languages to it’s uses. Weebly does not allow to add new custom features and functionalities to add to a website. Weebly also charges 3% of the transaction fees on every purchase made through an e-commerce store and in order to avoid that, you’ll need to upgrade to their business plan.

Constantcontact is an AI based website builder, you can either build a website by syncing your Facebook business page, or you can use their guided AI wizard to create a completely custom website with personalized content and graphics suggestions. ConstantContact also use drag and drop tools and you can choose from their library of over 550,000 free professional quality images to make your website look visually stunning. All the templates are mobile friendly that makes that the website compatible for all devices. They also have 24/7 chat and e-mail service for any queries that one may face. No 3rd party features can be added that are not provided by the ConstantContact. They also require premium plan upgrade if you want to connect to a custom domain name although unlike any other website on this list, they provide you with a free domain name once you do upgrade.


Creating a website is made very easy but building a website that is fully customized according to a specific business that stands out can be very difficult. This also include it’s maintenance and optimization. Getting a website to rank on the first page of search engines is a completely different task as well. If you want your website to stand out then I recommend you hiring an organization that provides all these web-development services and strictly follow White-Hat SEO services.

How to expand your business?

The first thing through which a business grow is to make use of the new technology, when we are starting a business then there must be something innovative enough to make your business better than your competitors. So for this purpose we should use latest technology just take an example of website designing.

Website designing is no more difficult you does not need to hire anyone for  this work. The use of latest word press technology through which you can handle your website and make updates on your own. This is  beneficial for both clients and developers. Nothing could be better than this if you does not need to depend on anyone and you can handle it on your own.

Secondly to have a better business consultancy, where the best advice on a business idea
whether it will successful or what you should have to do for starting a new business and through what ways you can expand your business or improved its growth. In his way you can gain one on one training to expand your small business idea. In addition, if you are planning to launch a new product you will get a realistic advice  and opinions that will guide you how to achieve your goal. Some websites provide you business consultancy like Bizzclan , 7th Tower Software, ABCO Technology Inc.

After business consultancy the next important thing is digital marketing to promote your business websites or products online globally through different mediums. To have the best IT solutions using innovative and advanced technologies that is good for clients as well as for our business. The business growth  depends upon the technology you are using .If you want to  promote  your website to take it to next level then the best option you have is its marketing using social media or through advertisement on websites.